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6 Ways to Get Over Writers Block

Do not be discouraged when there is a point when it seems you can’t write because no idea seems to flow.  This is a natural occurrence of a writer. Even the greatest writers in history experience writer’s block.  I do experience this at times and I understand how frustrating it can be.  But the more you force your mind into writing; you just can’t get over that block.  It’s time to stop. Drop everything.  Turn off your computer.

I find these strategies very powerful.  I have a personal experience on how effective these are.

writers block

Do something creative other than writing of course.  You can engage into painting for a day or write poems.  Get your camera and go to a park.  Take pictures of the scenery.  Capture people’s faces.  You will find this refreshing and inspiring.  If you are into crafts, do something nice.  Go shopping for decorative items for your house would also help.  The most important thing is to get that creative imagination to spark and you can only do that by exercising your creativity in different forms.

Do some exercises.  You need to move your body.  Go to a dance studio if you must or just turn on a YouTube dance channel and dance with it.  I do that all the time.  Walking or running will also be helpful.  I like it when I run.  It empties my mind and it allows me to refocus.  When your mind becomes open again, ideas will flow.

Write early.  I love it when I write early in the morning.  I can write really fast.  This is because my mind has rested.  I write best between 4:00 to 6:00 am.  I also love the peace and quiet during these hours.

Eradicate distractions from your sight.  It’s good to do some cleaning.  Arrange the clutter and throw what needs to be thrown away.  Distractions can impede our thought processes.  Go to a place in your house to just be alone.  Silence is very powerful.

headphones-480203_1280Listen to music.  Soothing music relaxes the mind.  Put on music all the way to your sleep.  You will wake up with a rejuvenated mind.  Music takes away the worries and allows you to focus.

Do some freewriting.  Write anything what comes to mind.  It trains your brain to think fast.  Just let the words flow.  Do not be conscious with spelling, grammar and punctuations.  Let the words keep coming. Do this for 15 minutes every day until the best idea comes out.

Write before going to sleep.  Maybe write for 15 minutes or more and bring the story to sleep.  You will be amazed in the morning that you have imagined how the story would end.  When you are in that state, get on to your computer and let your fingers get that typing rhythm.

Writer’s block is not something lethal. It happens once in a while.  Manage yourself whenever you feel you are stuck and not a word or idea comes out.

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