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How to Blog About Your Passion

Blogging has for some become a hobby.  For some it remained a hobby for so many years.  For others, it was a hobby and became an income generating hobby.  The cyberspace has offered to us endless possibilities.  It is very hard to imagine without it.

Let us say you want to blog.  The next thing is you should ask yourself what is it that you want to blog about.  You can see blogs tackling topics on parenting, travel, business, crafts, DIY and fashion to name a few.  List general topics you are very interested in; topics you are very knowledgeable about or things that you love doing the most.  In other words, what is your passion all about?

Why does it have to be your passion?  It should have to be a topic you’re passionate about because your readers will know on the tone on how you write your blog if you are sincere about what you are sharing to them.


So, here is how you blog:

  1. It’s time to get a little personal.  When you are able to share more of yourself, your readers will love you because it goes to show you are real not just some fiction character you created in your imagination.  When you do this, you will gain a lot of followers in no time.  Introduce yourself.  Make use of “about” page to do this.  People are generally easily emotionally attached.  You are encouraging them to know you.                 You can choose to start a fashion blog and provide what’s current and what’s hot and still impart your own personal views perhaps by making your own thoughts known.


  1. It’s important to take time designing your blog site. Color scheme and layout are essential in attracting people to read your blog.  If your blog is so cluttered, it can discourage visitors to read on.  Keep in mind that your blog should be easy on the eye.
  2. It’s just right to set regular updates. One of the ways to win back visitors to come back to your blog is to let them know that they can expect something new.  You could be creative like set Tuesdays as “Tuesday’s Adventure” or whatever you can think of along that line.Later on you will also learn that regular updates have something to do with SEO.
  1. It’s all about catchy titles too.  Use the power of words to draw attention to your post.  Get that right words in the right places.  Entice readers.  Get them interested.  Get them to be curious enough to click on that link to your blog.
  2. It’s confidence or nothing. When you write, show that you are confident on what you are writing about.  Believe in yourself and never allow any doubt to interfere your thoughts.  People are perceptive and even the way you present yourself in the way you write can say a lot.
  3. It’s not image but images. People are generally visual so you have to make use of great and appropriate images.
  4. It’s interaction that creates community. Build your readers to be your community.  Interact with them.  Respond to comments on a timely manner.  Encourage conversations.

There you go.  Those tips should help you get started.



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