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Website Update – Welcome to the New Website!


Regular updates on your website are vital to your business credibility and your site’s performance as well. Let us examine top 5 reasons why website updates are important.

  1. Right impression. Your website is your 24/7 shop.  Every now and then referrals may visit your site.  Sure you want to convert that referral into a sale.  Giving a great impression is vital.  Updates will tell site visitors that your business is active and running.  You have to tell them what your business now and not what your business was last 5 months ago. Let’s say you go to a website and you find that the last update was a year ago?  What comes to mind?


  1. Well organized business. It goes to show that you are on top of things.  In a small business, it is most likely you get to do everything and updating your website is the last thing that you want to do with so many things to accomplish.  Again, we go back to the purpose of why you started your website.  Of course you want to increase your market reach and now that you have that power, you have to put it into use.
  2. Get search engines to like you. It may take a while to get to top ranking in a Google search but you see, updates attract search engines.  These search engines sorts out from among the billions of contents and get them to end users.  Getting that useful content is helpful.
  3. Communication. Your website is your convenient channel to reach out and communicate to your customers and vice versa.  A good customer relation will bring you lots of benefits.  You will not only build a better relationship with them but they can help you grow your business more by referring your business to friends because that is how satisfied they have become.
  4. New offering. When you update your website with what is new, your customers will come back regularly because they know there might be new products they might need and buy.

Let me further share to you these:

  • Be sure to show your public your latest activity. Get it noticeable on your webpage.  Send email updates to them.  Remember that old news is just inexcusable.
  • Be conscious of the use of time and dates. This gives the impression of urgency.
  • Be on the lookout on when to update your licensing statement found at the bottom portion of your webpage. This can be done automatically with the help of codes.

The moment you decide to setup a website for your business, you must realize right there and then that you have to take time for updates.  In fact you must have spent a considerable time to craft a good plan on how to run it.

Never underestimate the benefits your business website can do for you.  On the other hand, never underestimate the harm it can do to you when you do not get updates going regularly.



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